Releases and updates on the EventConnect platform.

Latest releases from EventConnect

As part of our continued effort to implement new features and improve upon our existing ones, we want to take time to show you just what we've been working on behind the scenes.

January - February

January and February system updates coming soon.



Payments that are manually added, ex. added through the Event Owner's dashboard, have a "transaction reference". This transaction reference basically allows the payment to show up in the payment report, and for users to use this reference number to look up the payment in their merchant account.

Coach, Payment and Credit added to .CVS Upload

This feature update adds coach information, payment and credit amount fields to .CSV upload with the option of making partial or full payments, as well as, partial or full credits. If in the payment amount or credit amount fields the user inputs the word: Full, instead of a number amount, the payment or credit will be applied in full (for the rate’s full amount). When adding a coach the "coach email" field is required.


E-checks are now implemented within the EventConnect software, which allows US customers to make a payment online VIA check.

Host Portal: Event Proposals

This update further implements event proposal creating and editing to the new host portal, as well as adding event proposals into the event listing.

Auto-Scrolling in Mobile App

In this update, auto-scrolling is enabled for tournament scheduling. Now, when you view a running tournament, you'll be auto-scrolled to the next upcoming event instead of being shown the first day. This will help users who are part of Tournaments with a large number of events in a day.

Birthday Input

This new feature introduces a new birth date input, this update makes it easier for users to input their birth date, when compared to a regular date-picker.

Venue Organization

Event Owner's now have the ability to re-order their venues. The button at the top of the Venues & Fields page opens a modal where they can drag and re-order the venues. Once saved, the order will be adjusted on the list as well as on the S&S calendar page.

November - December

Roster Management

Our Roster Management system has new features. This system is now much more compatible, easy to use and works with Event Owners, Team Managers, Coaches and Players across the board. This new update allows all of the players to be rostered, and therefore have access to many more features such as reporting and scheduling and scoring. Roster Management also allows an individual to enter more information, and the Team Manager to manage the entire team roster, or just individual people.


There are now new reporting features added to the EventConnect software. The reports that can be utilized by a team's roster now consist of; Registration Report, Player Report, Management Report, Donations Report, Merchandise Report, Payment Report. These reports help the Event Owners understand specific data about the event and team.

Scheduling & Scoring

Scheduling and Scoring now includes the guaranteed games feature. This means that no matter what, your games are going to be scheduled with no extra games being created, which is especially useful in events where there are an odd number of brackets.


Team Members: Gender, Birth Date Restrictions

Event Owners now have the ability to control the roster eligibility on teams, based on rate restrictions within a division.

Available Placeholder Increase

In scheduling and scoring, users who are creating brackets are now able to type in their own number of placeholders to a maximum of 128.

Manage Merchandise Order

Event Owners can now modify existing, or create new merchandise orders. From the merchandise report, you can create a new order by clicking the "create order" button. This will ask you to select a current member of the event. It will then bring you into a new order form. Here is where you can add merchandise items to the order. You have the option to mark the item as paid, which will not charge the member for that item. If you leave as unpaid the event member will be able to pay the remaining amount from the team dashboard.
NOTE: when marking the item as paid, it will show up on your EO dashboard as revenue. You have the option to add a memo to the item giving clarity into the "payment" from the payment report.

Attach Divisions to Venues

Added the ability to attach divisions to a venue (A division can only be attached to 1 venue). When a division is attached to a venue, any registrations made in that division will see the attached venue as the “primary venue” when viewing hotels and making reservations.

Optional Questions

Event Owners are now able to hide birthday and gender questions from their registration flow. There are check boxes on the event details page to allow the event owners to toggle on/off gender and/or birthday to be required in registering an individual. When they disable one they will not have the ability to add that kind of restriction on their rates and will delete that previous restriction.

Add Notes to Reservations

Hotels now have the ability to respond to special requests using reservation notes. To access this feature, log into the hotel dashboard and view the reservations list on a hotel contract. There is now a “Notes” column in the report that shows a solid comment icon if there are saved notes. Click on the icon to create a new note or view the recent notes.

September - October

Who's Playing: Team Logos

New for the Who's Playing page, team logos!! Displaying right beside the team name, you can now see at a glance just who's playing and from where.

Scheduling & Scoring: Wildcard

After hearing from our users, we've implemented an exciting new Wildcard rule to our Scheduling & Scoring feature. This now adds a new source seeding rule to find the next non-sources team in a certain bracket based on overall standings. Keep your eyes open for a detailed article explaining how and why we developed this new tool.

Contract Notes for Amenities: Hotel Contract Proposal Confirmation Email

The Hotel Contract Proposal confirmation email now includes the hotel contract amenities, found in the contract notes (not listed separately). This is made for easier referencing and cleaner organization.

Sport Type Survey

You can now create a new survey type based on sport type! Sport Type surveys will be displayed in the registration flow, one per sport type - per registration. Submission answers will also be displayed on the registration report page, as well as the event owner registration details page.


Comp. Rooms: "Sold Out"

Fixes an issue where event owners could create new comp room reservations on a hotel contract that’s been marked as “sold out”.

Reservation Report: Exporting

Updates the reservation report export CSV to include all columns on the report.

Contracting Page

Fixes an issue on the admin event contracting page, where paginating between the different contracting pages broke the system.

Messaging Portal

Fixes an issue on the messaging portal pages (event owner, association admin, referee assignor) where the page broke in older browsers.

Registration: No Address

Fixes an issue where, when a user is registering for an event, if they don’t have an address attached to them the registration flow broke.

August - September

New Registration Flow

The new Registration flow was released! Feast your eyes on multi-registration, improved discount functionality, proper fees, and membership improvements. Read more about the new reg. flow project in this detailed article.

Dynamic Comp Room Buffer

Adds ability to add a “buffer” to comp rooms, to help alleviate risk of EO’s over assigning comp rooms and having to pay for nights.

Registration - Selecting Memberships

When registering, system now gives users the option to select past memberships from previous registrations to be added to the new registration.

Hotel Feed Search Results - Refined Display Options

Updated the open hotel feed search page to separate the event name and travel date inputs, to help users better understand how they can find their events.

Inventory Breakdown - Event Owner Tournament Hotels

Improves upon the hotel contract information on the event owner dashboard to more accurately report the state of inventory. The system now shows the same hotel card as the teams when reserving. The hotel contract details page also shows a graph that displays how much inventory is contracted, reserved, and blocked.

Hotel Documents - Download Preview-able Contract

Introduced a new functionality for hotel users to download a preview version of their hotel contract. Now you can print it out and tape it to the office fridge.

Club Dashboard - Display Hotel Room Types

When club directors are approving hotels on the dashboard, they now have the ability to view the room types contracted for each hotel. See more about clubs here.

Comp Rooms - Admin View

Updates the Comp Rooms page on the event owner dashboard so, when admin’s (us) view the page, we see the actual number of comp rooms as well as the buffered number that event owners see.

Texting Teams

Built a Slack/text messaging service to allow team sales to contact teams to insure they’re happy with any blocks, or to ask if they need a block extension. New system allows tracking of conversations.


Lock Date Error - Reflect 7/8PM System Deadline

Changes the error message that shows up when trying to update or edit a reservation after the system lock date. The message was showing the hotel contract lock date instead of the system lock date (a day before hotel contract lock date at 7PM), leading users to think they could still make changes when they couldn't.

Blocking - Block Rooms for Contract Hotels

We had some issues with creating/releasing room blocks that sometimes produced errors or even led to blank pages. The room blocks feature is now stable again. No more blank pages!

Order Summary - Showing Merchandise

Fixes issue where order summaries weren’t showing merchandise when there were custom questions. This has been resolved to show order summaries no matter the situation.

Hotel Feed - Sorting Results

When sorting by a specific venue on event hotel feed, system now auto-sorts by distance to that venue.

Club Dashboard - Venue Issues

Fixes issues where, when viewing hotels that needed to be approved, map wasn’t updating properly when switching between events so users were getting confused about which hotels had been contracted.  

Oversell/Missing Inventory

The oversell report has increased accuracy as well as some efforts reducing oversell occurrences. Instances of incorrectly returned nightly room blocks caused issues that are no longer a problem. A list of missing inventory has also been created.

CVB Access - Economic Impact Report Exporting

Fixes issue where event owners with only the “Economic Impact Report” permission were able to view the economic impact report, but unable to export it.

Hotel Dashboard - Missing Graph

Fixes issue that had the hotel dashboard nightly reservation graph not showing up. We found the graph, scolded them for running off, and they are now firmly in place.

Hotel Beds

System no longer throws 400 and 500 errors when getting hotel bed data for hotel feed. (Errors were around getting hotels for past events, user not logged in, and no inventory available).

Pickup Report

System no longer throws an error when editing a pickup report on an invoice.