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We make travel teams happy

Our software provides concrete solutions for the pain points surrounding group travel with an easily accessible interface, exclusive hotel inventory, and dedicated support for when you need help with travel team accommodations.

This is why EventConnect consistently scores a 98% positive booking experience from users looking for tournament housing.

Our average discount on group hotel rates of 24% probably doesn't hurt either.

EventConnect's Tournament Management Platform

Break away from the competition with EventConnect's industry leading tournament management platform.

With cutting edge analytics and reporting, access to exclusive hotel group rates, and a free mobile app - your tournaments will truly be an amazing experience.

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EventConnect Tournament Management Platform

Your Group Travel Experts

We do team travel the right way by putting the power of technology in the hands of the player. A great booking experience comes from more than a flashy app, it takes a dedicated team of support specialists, hotel procurement staff, consumer developers, and established industry relationships.

At EventConnect, we pride ourselves with a 98% positive booking experience - the highest in our sector. That goes to show just how awesome we make group travel for teams. We make shopping for accommodations as easy as posting a Facebook status.

Group Blocking

Teams are built on strong bonds between players. Ask any captain what a team means to them and they’ll say “Family”. And families like to stay together. When you book group accommodations with EventConnect, you take advantage of our Hotel Blocking feature.

This allows teams to set aside an almost unlimited amount of hotel inventory at the same hotel, keeping everyone close during their stay away from home. We see first hand the benefits of group booking when partners comment on how amazing their stay was when everyone was within the same hotel. It makes travel logistics so much easier for teams when all players, coaches, and referees are in close proximity to each other.

Hotel Group Blocking
Team Messaging on EventConnect


We not only keep teams close physically but also digitally with team-based messaging. This allows for instant communication amongst teams and staff at any time, anywhere. When it’s a tournament weekend and teams are already emotionally elevated, they need a seamless way to communicate with each other. Our dedicated messaging feature unites teams with a clean UI and robust functionality, creating a meaningful communication channel with many use cases.

Added Benefits

Keeping a detailed record of every traveling team attending your events, and which ones have booked a tournament hotel, can be a clerical nightmare. There’s an easier way of tracking the data of where teams are staying, their payment history, registration details, and how much your organization is receiving in revenue. On our platform you have crystal clear reports showing registration performance, team accommodation details, economic impact, and revenue generation available at any time.

Also with EventConnect, you gain access to our exclusive hotel inventory. That’s not just a tag line. Over years of working in this industry we’ve built strong relationships amongst hotel chains across North America. We work very closely with our hotel partners to provide the absolute lowest rate to our customers, well below the industry average. So, aside from winning, what makes travel teams happy?

For one thing, it’s not having to worry that their accommodations are spread out between a dozen hotels across the city or that they aren’t going to be 45 minutes away from the tournament venue. It’s having a quick way to message the team with tournament or housing updates. It’s clicking a mouse once to download a detailed history report on every team. It’s taking all the benefits listed above and putting them into a clean, user-friendly system, for free.

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Tournament Housing Support Specialists

The best system in the world is only as good as the support surrounding it. Our hotel specialists have years of experience in procuring, managing, and tailoring accommodations for traveling sports teams. We have relationships with over 15,000 hotels across North America. With all of that face-time with hotels, each one of our teams has a personal relationship with hotel operations staff.

That’s the difference you get with EventConnect. We don’t just supply you with accommodations and then leave you in the wind. Our team will work hard to support every room night sold to ensure that all guests are treated right from check-in to check-out. Take a minute to meet some of our dedicated

Tournament Housing Support Staff

Our Group Booking Experience is 100 emoji

A trip without a hiccup is rare. Sometimes you forget a toothbrush, sometimes the weather isn’t the best, and sometimes a hotel has a water main break and you need new accommodations before the weekend. We can’t change the weather or supply toothbrushes, but we can leverage ourselves to ensure your travel plans go as smoothly as possible.

When you service over 24,000 traveling teams every year you tend to have a few fires that need to be put out. That’s where our experienced team of hotel specialists come into play. We’ve seen basically every worst-case scenario play out and handled them efficiently every time.

Here is an example of how our partners have been taken care of during a rough trip.

Palouse Hockey and EventConnect

Palouse Youth Hockey Association

Just days before they were scheduled to travel over 450 miles, the PYHA Bears found out their accommodations where voided due to an oversell. Every hotel in the area was at capacity that weekend and it wasn’t looking like their team would have a place to stay for one of their biggest tournaments to date. That’s when our hotel team sprang into action.

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