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The Source for Team Travel

The Source for Team Travel

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Cloud based reporting on EventConnect

Reporting & Clarity

A major benefit to team travel with EventConnect is our actionable reporting. Understand in minutes which travelling teams are accommodated; allowing for instant messaging to help teams find the best hotels.

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Modern Technology

Our team of over 15 developers are continuously working on improving our technology to better accommodate the needs of travelling teams. We are modern, secure and easy to use.

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Integrated Maps

Easily find how far a hotel is from the tournament venue. We want the best experience possible for your travelling teams; and location matters.

Piggy Bank

Big Savings

Our personal relationships with the top hotels around the country, plus the volume of business we provide, allows us to pass the savings onto travel teams. We average 22% savings when compared to major online booking sites.

Customer Service Personelle

Professional Service

Technology can solve a lot of our pain-points, but human interaction can never be replaced. Sometimes travel teams have questions that software cannot answer. Our highly trained, professional, and peronsable support team is here to help.

Hotel Room

Seamless Booking

There is a reason why EventConnect maintains a near perfect booking experience. We work diligently to provide travelling teams with the simplest, yet comprehensive, solution to find the best hotels at the best rates.

EventConnect is the source for team travel

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World Class
Customer Service

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98% positive booking experience from travel teams

Hotel Rates

Travel Team Customer Service EventConnect

Avg. 22% savings compared to leading booking platforms

Tournament Maps

Travel Team Customer Service EventConnect

Easily find the closest hotels to your tournament

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How Team Travel Works on EventConnect

Let's face it, the cost of playing competitive sports is increasing. Families are having to make the choice to let their kids play, or not. But, we all win if more kids are entering playing.

EventConnect aims to reduce the cost for travelling teams, by offering big savings on hotel rates, without reducing the quality of experience of attending the events.

We look forward to discussing how EventConnect may be the right solution for your team travel needs. Every tournament is unique, so we like to provide a solution tailored to helpling your experience.

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We believe in the human experience. Team travel can be stressful and confusing. With our dedicated team of support experts, it is truly easy.