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EventConnect™: Your all-in-one solution to event management

Finally it’s possible to easily organize a tournament from start to finish.

Life is about the moments between planning; beers with your friends, summer barbeques, pick up football games. It’s a drag having to waste your time manually keeping ledgers of received registration fees, emailing teams, contracting hotels, or building reports and charts.

EventConnect wants to give you your life back. Enjoy automated payments, messaging, and reporting. Plus, EventConnect will take care of all your hotel contracts, registration, scheduling, and scoring.

Features every event management software should have

Registration, scheduling, and scoring

Juggling multiple platforms can be chaotic. EventConnect simplifies registration — with everything in one place, secure payment options allow team managers and players to easily sign up, with all funds going directly to you. Easily monitor outstanding payments and generate reports on your registrations’ statuses.

Schedule games at multiple locations and in all the formats you’re looking for, like round robin and single and double elimination. EventConnect automatically generates your team’s schedules and gives you real-time scoring updates.

Personalized and affordable hotel reservations

When you’re looking for hotel accommodations for your event, you want affordable options, hassle-free booking, and reserved room blocks. We’re here to put an end to the old way of booking accommodations — now teams will rest easy knowing they’re all at the same spot.

The hotel portal lets you to manage tournament contracts and organize players’ reservations. The best part? EventConnect gets you the lowest rates on hotel rooms — guaranteed.

Instant messaging

In both small and large tournaments, communication is key. It can be tricky to keep in touch with so many instant messaging services out there, especially when you don’t have the contact information of everyone in your tournament.

EventConnect handles automated messaging with options for custom communication as well. Use both text and email right from your dashboard to share updates, information, or marketing.

Reporting and data collection

Your tournament’s bottom line revenue is most important to you and your stakeholders. But why does data collection always seem complicated? Event management software needs to provide you with the right insights to help you understand the value earned and the economic impact made on most hotel and cities.

EventConnect provides you with real-time information and reporting on every aspect of your event through a custom, automated dashboard.

Get back to enjoying what really matters at your tournament and just PLAY.

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