Partner Spotlight: Vestavia Hills Soccer Club


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Partner Spotlight: Vestavia Hills Soccer Club

Vestavia Hills Soccer Club is a growing youth soccer organization in Alabama, promoting soccer for children in age divisions mini-kickers through U-19. Their mission is to provide safe, varied, and organized soccer programs with opportunities for growth in both physical and character development for boys and girls. They offer skill development and specialized training from on-site professional coaches while stressing the excellence of play, sportsmanship, and love for the game.

We sat down with General Manager Jason Woodall to chat about his experience using EventConnect software and what he sees for the future of his business.


EventConnect: How long have you been partnered with EventConnect for?

Jason Woodall: Gosh, coming into 4 years now.

EC: What attracted you to partner with EventConnect?

JW: We were discontent with our previous partner. Their customer service wasn’t up to par for our teams who were booking accommodations and we got a lot of negative feedback from them. I believe we connected with EventConnect at the right time when we were looking around for a new provider and you guys were approaching us. Your CTO showed us the backend of your system which looked really clean and accessible, we could see what the hotels were doing and also the reporting and projections going along with that. It was much more than what our old partner provided, and for us, it was much more important for our registrants to have a pleasurable experience.

EC: Do you find high value in the backend features like economic impact reporting and registration intake performance?

JW: Yes I do. We’re a not for profit group that’s also affiliated with the city so it’s very important for us to give the city an economic impact report so they can see the benefits of us using the fields and how many people are coming through the city for a direct impact of the surrounding area. Before, I had to do all this manually and it took quite a while and wasn’t nearly as accurate hahaa. One time about two years ago they asked for a report and I pulled it up with one click and they said “Wow that’s pretty quick!” and I said “Yep, that’s EventConnect”.

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EC: In what ways does EventConnect help you stay competitive?

JW: It’s just very easy to get in touch with somebody for hotel help. I gotta keep coming back to your friendliness and the attitude of everybody you speak with on the phone. It makes our lives much easier knowing there’s great help on the other end of the line. It makes for such a great experience, as our participants are spending more on hotels than they are tournament registration, it means a lot that you’re there for us.

I have to say, in the four years we’ve been with EventConnect I haven’t had a single complaint. Even in the first year during the transition I don’t believe we had anyone complain about your system at all. It’s been a great, great partnership for us.

EC: How do you feel your business has changed since you partnered with us?

JW: For me running the tournaments, it’s made it much more of a seamless process and something I can rely on instead of having to worry about whether it’s set up correctly or not. You guys are great at reminding us about updating profiles and showing projections for hotels to keep us on our timelines. You really help keep me on track for success.


EC: Where do you see yourself in the future with EventConnect?

JW: Full steam ahead ya know. This past year has been the most revenue we’ve earned and also the most profit, so this has really helped us a lot. In the past we wouldn’t even have this kind of information till much later, with your system we can see it right away, live. That’s awesome because I can now put together a profit gain statement and projections for my bosses easily.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, we run great tournaments but it also comes down to the lodging and booking and everything that you guys do for us. It’s such a testament to the great job you guys are doing, we had 142 boys teams this year and 84 girls teams which are 10 more teams than we had last year, which is also more teams than we had the year before. So we’re seeing continued growth year over year. It’s a team effort between not just us down here going to clubs but also the week to week functions leading up to a tournament and how you help us there with group hotel management. The communication between you and us during tournament time is critical to our success, you guys are basically traveling with us and that means a lot.

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EC: What would you say to someone considering EventConnect?

JW: First I’d have you show them the backend and let them know that this system has worked amazing for countless other tournaments, they can reach out to me and I could tell them about our great experience with you myself. Sometimes adopting a new system is scary and there is good and bad that goes along with that kind of a switch, but with EventConnect it’s just been 100% good in my opinion.

I would say you need to try it, even just for a year. That’s what we did and I can’t see us going back to anything else. Your customer service, attitude, friendliness, powerful reporting, great booking experiences for our teams - all of that is invaluable for great tournaments. You guys have just been awesome for us. Rockstars!

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It’s always a pleasure to speak with our partners about the great experiences they’ve had using our software. Vestavia Hills is enjoying great success utilizing our platform for travel team accommodations, we truly can’t wait to see how they grow their business grow moving forward.