Partner Spotlight: Elite Football Events


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Partner Spotlight: Elite Football Events

We sat down with our friend Ace Carney from Elite Football Events for a conversation about his time spent with EventConnect and how he sees his events growing in the future.


EventConnect: How has your experience been with EventConnect so far?

Ace Carney: It’s been a whirlwind of fun. I’m really pleased with the product and the development of where it’s going and the availability it offers. The opportunity to work with you guys has been phenomenal.

I have 10 years in the IT industry developing software, so when I first got your product with a short learning curve that allowed me creative ways to expand my business and mold it to my needs, it’s been VERY effective.

EC: What would be your favorite feature in our system?

AC: That’s hard man. From scheduling to accessibility, to registration, emailing and texting teams, pulling detailed reports, it’s really hard to pick just one. The whole thing is just phenomenal - you guys are very very close to being the 100% ultimate. I’ve actually had calls from other people saying “come to us and forget about EventConnect” and I’m like "Ok, lose my number." hahaha.

Quote from Ace Carney talking about the importance of eventconnect and getting on board now for sports tourism and group hotel booking


EC: Do you feel EventConnect has helped grow your business year over year?

AC: Oh most definitely. Even with my old website using your system on it, my members loved it and that helped us grow - now with the mobile app too? Oh my God, people are losing their minds. They don’t have to worry about going to a separate site to check schedules. They can just do it right from their phones and quickly see scores, changes, and schedules.

Now with the new website including merchandise and the Sportology symposium for team director’s and event organizer’s, it’s allowed us to create partnerships and grow in a way that would not have happened if not for you guys.

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EC: Where do you see your company moving forward in 5-10 years with EventConnect?

AC: I see more growth, I see more expansion. We’re now partnered with Tharindra of Elite Global Sports and formed different events for football and hockey. We’re working on basketball, baseball, All-Star cheerleading - I mean the sky is the limit because of your system.


EC: Does EventConnect give you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your sector?

AC: Yes it does. If there is only one negative I can speak to on your system, and it’s a selfish one, but it’s that you work with some of my competitors and now they have the same kind of advantages that I have hahaha. They saw us using your system and said "We need that too."

Elite football events partnership with eventconnect for youth sports tournament registration group housing scheduling  and scoring
Elite Football Events host premier football experience for youth players across North America

EC: What would you say to someone who's on the fence about partnering with EventConnect?

AC: That you need to understand that if you wanna be with a cutting edge company on cutting edge software you need to get on board now because those of us who are grandfathered in are already reaping the benefits. I always tell anyone who asks me about you to get involved as soon as they can. I can see you guys getting to the point with the services offered that it’s only going to increase and you can’t lose that true partnership.

EC: How does EventConnect help you stay competitive?

AC: The thing is that, for me, you guys keep us competitive. The customer service and technical services alone are above and beyond what anyone else is offering right now. I’ve used other software tools in the past and got very frustrated with emailing and calling in with no response. I like the fact I’m able to call in and the response time is very quick, you guys have a super-fast turn around time. The time it takes for tech support is minimal. The emergency number means a lot too because if I’m in the middle of a tournament and I need some help I'm confident that I can get a hold of someone 24-7/365 and get it fixed. I feel like I’m highly valued and not brushed off. As an event owner that is very important to me.

Ace is the right's owner for Elite Football & Cheer Events, one of the largest youth football organizers in the US.